Training is more effective, more consistent and easier to deliver when you're using professional materials. But developing training materials can be expensive and time consuming. That's why we've done the work for you.


With that in mind, our presentations focus on showing the learner. Real people and real body shapes are portrayed since consulting in the real world (not the fashion model world) is the reality for most consultants. Slides use minimal text. Instead they illustrate the learning outcomes with dozens of photos of real life models your audience will easily relate to.

The accompanying Presenter's Guide provides both a script and suggestions for interactive exercises to use during your presentation or workshop.

The Student Guidebook provides your seminar participants with an abbreviated version of your seminar (with pictures of your slides) along with interactive exercises. Students can participate, offer feedback and be interactive with you and other participants.

Students and graduates may purchase all royalty free images and seminars at student prices. Enter code tools14 at checkout to receive your 50% discount. Only graduate or enrolled students may use this discount. If your email does not match out database your order will be voided.