Personal Shopper Certification
Item# PPSC

Update 7/2014

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Some people love to shop for themselves and for others. Many have an innate talent for hunting and gathering the latest cool stuff. And then there are the professionals who make their living helping others buy what they need. Personal Shoppers combine the natural talents of shopping, styling and consulting to help their clients look better, feel better and shop better. Personal Shoppers are highly trained professionals whose job it is to shop for and with their clients. Shopping is a national pastime and for Personal Shoppers, it can be a full time occupation. Professionals in this line of work have a keen fashion sense paired with an equally strong ability to recognize the desires and individuality of their clients.

The following syllabus is required learning for students seeking certification for this course:

Introduction to course
About the course
Learner expectations and CEU statement
Participant Training Evaluation
Lesson Plan 1
Introduction to Personal Shopping
The Elite Personal Shopper
First Consultation
Review Golden Rules for Personal Shoppers
Lesson Plan 2
Personal Shopping
Budgets/ Fees
Fashion Basics
Line and Proportion
Client Review Session
Dress Basics
Lesson Plan 3
Shopping Basics
Online Shopping
Getting Clients
Career Options
Contracts and Forms
Lesson Plan 4
Marketing Strategies
Needs and Budgets
Deepening the Client Relationship
ABC's of Retail Shopping
Lesson Plan 5
Choosing Where to Shop
How to Shop with a Client
VIDEO 2 - 5 Body Shapes
VIDEO 3 Options for Personal Shoppers
FINAL EXAM (Multiple Choice, True False, Essay) = students must acheive an 80% passing score
FINAL PROJECT = Shopping report (10% of final grade)
DEFINE YOUR NICHE ESSAY = 5% of final grade
Graduate Resources
  • Free Customizable Forms to help you in your new business
  • Free e-book "This Business Called Image" with step by step guidelines for starting your business.
  • QCode Badge html snippet to add to your website
  • Free graduate directory listing and personal web page with review/star options